Unconventional is our Expertise

The Cactus and the Cowboy


The Saguaro Cactus may take decades to fully mature but is Steadfast, Long Lasting and not only Endures but Thrives in Challenging Envi-ronments…….and the Cowboy…well the Cowboy accepts the Cactus is strong enough to lean on, and appreciates that he is much smaller than the Cactus, with its deep foundation it is structured to long outlast himself…

  • Private company focused on Alberta/British Columbia tight oil and liquid rich gas fairways
  • Extracting value from unconventional resources; exploiting large hydrocarbons requiring unique technology for maximizing value (including fracing, horizontal drilling, multi-stage completions, underbalanced drilling , etc.)
  • Emphasis on value creation driven by effective use of current technologies
  • Engineering focused on capital efficiency and being a low cost producer
  • Highly skilled and proven team, all with significant oil and gas industry experience at operating unconventional properties
  • All team members have worked with or have had close working relationships with the President / CEO

Contact Us

Saguaro Resources Ltd.

440, 222 - 3rd Avenue SW

Calgary Alberta T2P 0B4

Phone:   403-453-3040

Fax:       403-452-5129

Email: info@saguaroresources.com


Emergency Call Center Toll Free (24 hr): 1-855-835-4434

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